”There are two principles for accessing the veiled mind:
Images and Metaphors.”

FutureBright Group opened “Turkey’s Subconscious Mindscapes of the Unconscious: Back to the Essence” in Istanbul; a culmination of 1,200 ZMET interviews, the exhibit tells the story of Turkey’s collective subconscious during Covid times. For this study, FutureBright integrated data from ZMET interviews: over 3,000 participant collages, over 10,000 images, over 800 everyday language metaphors, and over 150 deep concepts were analyzed. The exhibition shows the artworks are not created by artists, but by anonymous participants; a participatory art project in which the collaborative production process is the subject of the meaning created.


It’s a big project.

Our side of the project includes visual identity, exhibition, display, website and graphic design of printed materials for Turkey’s First Subconscious Imagery Exhibition. As printed materials; 20×20 cm cards with the artwork on one side & the insight of it on the other side are designed for each artwork in the exhibition. Also there are QR codes on the cards that take you directly to the web page of the relevant artwork. These cards also included the address and date of the exhibition for using them as an invitation.


We tried to reflect both consciousness and subconsciousness

Check out exhibition’s video!