SineSoft is a herbal hand disinfectant that moisturizes hands while disinfecting them.

The product gets its name from “cineol”, which is the active ingredient of eucalyptus oil.​​​​​​​ Their main attraction is they don’t dry your skin like common hand sanitizers do. They achive this by using cineol instead of alcohol. It has two versions; orange scented and eucalyptus.


It is aimed to attract attention with contrasting colors for the purpose of reminding you to disinfect your hands. In addition, the cineols chemical model is also featured on the product.​​​​​​​

While researching competitors, we realised that they all use white and pale packaging. They didn’t stand out. So we wanted to use vibrant colors that catch the eye of the customer and make them inspect the packaging. Because of COVID-19 there were already a rise in sales of disinfectants and this one didn’t make your hand dry after use like most of them. So our main purpose was to stand out.


We also made an one page website design for the brand in same color scheme which you can see below.