Praire is an orthopedic prayer mat production company based in Istanbul, that focused in combining innovative, orthopedic technology with Islamic tradition.

Praire Mats are designed to relieve pressure on the knees, improve posture and boost your experience while praying. For this reason, leaves in a harmonic order were used in the logo design, referring to nature and its tranquility. The curled mat at the bottom of the logo resembles a silhouette of a person who finds comfort and peace under these leaves.


Brand needed a catalogue to hand out in fairs around globe

The catalog is designed horizontally in A4 size. It includes the story of the brand, the introduction of its product and technology, and the company’s product portfolio.


In addition; we also designed a landing page for the company

Social Media Design

Like the leaves in the logo, we wanted the images that will be shared on social media to be arranged in a kind of harmony too

The brand’s Instagram posts includes product promotion and blog content. For this reason, I prepared a grid design for the posts; with the middle part reserved only for product promo posts, and the other areas reserved for both blog posts and product images.